Last Minute Crystal Gift Ideas + Stocking Stuffers

Last Minute Crystal Gift Ideas + Stocking Stuffers

Our final holiday gift guide is perfect for the last minute shopper or someone looking for that unique stocking stuffer.

Everything on this crystal gift list is small but mighty. Pretty and powerful. Crystals for beginners and crystals for crystal lovers. In other words, we've got your last minute gift ideas covered.


crystal bracelet gift

Crystal jewelry is a must-have for crystal lovers and crystal newbies alike. They are beautiful fashion accessories and energy healers all in one. Our large color variety ensures you can match the vibe of your recipient no matter their style.

Shop Crystal Jewelry HERE.

Mini Crystals

mini crystals

Rare minis, mini spheres, and mini shapes are proof that good things come in small packages. This super affordable gift makes it easy to get your loved ones more than one - pair with a little dish or bowl.

Shop our Mini collection HERE.

Books + Oracle Card Decks 

the universe has your back oracle deck

Our selection of oracle decks and books are carefully chosen to encourage self-care practices and mental well-being. Great to pair with a meditation crystal like Amethyst or Spirit Quartz.

Shop our Self Care collection HERE.

Pocket Tumbles + Pocket Sets


Pocket tumbles are on-the-go energy healers. Wanting some confidence that day? Toss a Carnelian tumble in your purse or pocket. Need some calm? In goes Howlite. We have curated pocket sets too - everything from protection to love.

Shop Tumbles HERE.

Selenite Bowls + Plates

selenite charging bowl and plate

Not only are Selenite bowls and plates pretty decor pieces, but they also cleanse and charge other crystals - removing old negative energy and encouraging positive energy to flow. 

Shop Selenite HERE.

Smudge Sets

smudge set

Palo Santo and Sage have been used for centuries to cleanse both people and spaces - they happen to be incredible for cleansing crystals too. (P.S. They both smell amazing!)

Shop Smudge Sets HERE.

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