Gifts For Her: Crystal Gift Ideas For Moms, Teachers, Teens, and More

Gifts For Her: Crystal Gift Ideas For Moms, Teachers, Teens, and More

Our second crystal gift guide this holiday season is all about HER. These gift ideas for women are beautiful, positive, and healing for crystal lovers and crystal beginners.

We'll start off with general "Gifts for Her" - these would make wonderful presents for any woman on your shopping list. Then we'll give you fun gift ideas for moms, teens, teachers, and travelers.

Crystal Gifts For Women: Self-Love Crystals

pink crystals for love

These beautiful pink crystals are not only beautiful decor pieces, but they also cultivate feelings of love - particularly for self. They are also some of our most popular pieces, so you can safely bet they’d make a great gift for her. And since they come in all sorts of sizes, there’s a price point to meet any budget.

Crystal Gifts For Women: Crystal Jewelry

crystal jewelry for women

Crystal Jewelry ticks off two boxes: they are gorgeous accessories that also provide crystal healing benefits. You can choose the crystal jewelry based off colors you think she would like or based off the energetic healing you think she would benefit from. Not sure where to start? Check out our blog!

Shop our Crystal Jewelry Collection HERE.

Crystal Gift Idea for The Mom: Face Roller

gifts for mom

Every hardworking, self-sacrificing mother deserves a luxurious self-care moment. Crystal face rollers not only help increase blood-flow to the face but also feel really good.  

Shop Face Rollers HERE.

Crystal Gift Idea for The Teenage Girl: Confidence Pocket Set

gifts for teenage girls

This pocket set encourages confidence, intuition, and self-worth - the ideal combo for any teenage girl who is still learning to own her voice and inner-power.

Shop Crystal Pocket Sets HERE.

End of Year Gift Idea for The Teacher: Crystal Pens

end of year teacher gifts

A crystal pen attached to a little gift card: the perfect “thank you” for the woman who cared for your kid all semester.

Shop Crystal Pens HERE.

Crystal Gift Idea for The Traveler: Protection Pocket Set

gifts for travelers

This pouch of mini crystals that provide protection can easily fit in a traveler’s carry on to bring them peace and positivity on their many trips.

Shop Crystal Pocket Sets HERE.

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