The Ultimate Gift Guide for Crystal Lovers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Crystal Lovers

If you have somebody on your holiday shopping list whose response to any situation is, “I have a crystal for that,” look no further for gift-giving inspiration.

This here is the ultimate gift guide for crystal lovers! Bonus: we have crystal gift ideas for everybody's budget.

P.S. If you ARE the crystal lover, this list can be a very subtle/not so subtle nudge for all your Santas out there!

Statement Pieces

statement crystal gifts 

It’s safe to assume those who love small crystals also love big crystals. A statement crystal is an incredible gift that brings both beauty and some serious positive energy into a home.

Shop Statement Crystals HERE.

Pink Amethyst + Pink Amethyst Flower Agate

pink amethyst gifts

You will be hard-pressed to find a crystal lover who doesn’t adore a good Pink Amethyst or Pink Amethyst X Flower Agate crystal. These are best-sellers with shapes, sizes, color variation, and price points for all.

Shop Pink Amethyst HERE.

Ocean Jasper 

ocean jasper

Here's another top seller your crystal-loving friend will be thrilled to add to their collection. Ocean Jasper has a joyful, optimistic energy and really fun color variety. (Pro tip: take a peek at Ocean Jasper 8th Vein - it's new and a hot commodity these days!).

Shop Ocean Jasper HERE.

Crystal Stands

crystal stands

When one collects crystals, one wants to display those crystals. Sphere stands, slab stands, and jewelry stands allow your recipient to proudly show off their collection. (Winning idea: Pair a pretty sphere with a pretty sphere stand!)

Shop Crystal Stands HERE.

Selenite Charging Bowls & Plates

selenite bowls and plates

Selenite has the special ability to cleanse and charge other crystals. This means getting rid of their old negative energy and cultivating fresh, positive energy. It's must-have for any crystal collector.

Shop Selenite HERE.

Smudge Sets

smudge set gift idea

Palo Santo and Sage have been used for centuries to cleanse people and spaces - they’re also fabulous for cleansing crystals. (P.S. They both smell incredible)

Shop Smudge Sets HERE.

Fun Crystal Shapes 

fun crystal shapes

A fun crystal shape is an affordable little gift or stocking stuffer that gives a nod to your crystal lover's personality and interests. In the shop, you'll find everything from Yoda to Buddha, from dogs to bears, and from moons to stars.

Shop Crystal Shapes HERE.

Rare Mini Crystals

rare mini crystals

Rare mini crystals are both buget-friendly and unique - something they may not already have. Plus, the price point lets you get more than one. Here are a few to get you started: Rhodochrosite, Herkimer, Dumortierite, Kunzite, and Larimar.

Shop Mini Crystals HERE.

Crystal Pens

crystal pens

Last, but certainly not least, crystal pens. Because a true crystal lover wants crystals just about everywhere. Simple as that!

Shop Crystal Pens HERE.

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