Unique and Affordable Gifts For Crystal Lovers and Crystal Beginners

Unique and Affordable Gifts For Crystal Lovers and Crystal Beginners

Happy Holidays, loves! Shopping season is officially here, and this year at Bloom Crystals, we’re putting out four gift guides for crystal lovers and crystal beginners alike! We’re starting by combining two of the most requested categories: affordable gift ideas and unique gift ideas.

Even on a budget, you can make sure your friends and loved ones are getting interesting, thoughtful (and in this case, energetically healing!) presents. So without further ado … affordable, unique crystal gifts for anyone!

Rare Mini Crystals & Cabs

unique gifts for crystal lovers

Maybe nothing checks off our two categories better than a mini rare crystal. A budget-friendly and unique gift - great for a crystal combo bowl or energy healing on-the-go.

Shop our mini collection HERE.

Mini Crystal Shapes & Spheres

affordable gifts

Mini shapes make tiny crystals feel extra special. They can be just for fun or they can bring focus to intentions (heart for love, mushroom for growth or grounding, etc.). And they're a super affordable gift, making it easy to get your friends and loved ones more than one!

Shop our mini collection HERE.

Crystal Bracelets

crystal bracelets

Crystal jewelry is the best kind of two-for-the-price-of-one present: a beautiful accessory meets energy healer. A must-have for all crystal lovers.

Shop crystal jewelry HERE.

Selenite Bowls + Plates

selenite plates and bowls

Selenite bowls and plates are gorgeous, neutral decor pieces for any home (AKA: safe bets!). The bonus is Selenite’s high-vibrating energy cleanses and charges other crystals to remove old negative energy and encourage positive energy to flow. 

Shop Selenite HERE.

Crystal Pens

unique gift

Crystal pens are a perfect gift for writers, journalers, or note-takers - whether they want to infuse to-do lists and creative projects with positive energy, or they just like collecting pretty pens (who doesn’t feel inspired with a fresh pen in hand?!).

Shop Crystal Pens HERE.

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