The Ultimate Crystal Gift Guide (2023 Edition)

The Ultimate Crystal Gift Guide (2023 Edition)

Shopping season is here! In 2023, we are focusing our crystal gift guide on small, easy crystal gifts for anyone on your shopping list.

Whether you need a little something to fill up a stocking or you want to combine a few crystal-lover gifts into a bigger gift - all of these options are the best place to start.


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Tumbles are great because you can always choose one to really bring a specific healing property (like Botswana Agate to sooth anxiety or Black Obsidian to keep away negativity). You can also group a bunch of them together in a pretty tray or bowl for a mixture of energy healing and beauty.

Not sure which crystal your loved one needs? Check out our blog for crystal lists (crystals for communication, crystals for love, crystals for protection, etc.)


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Bracelets are such a safe-bet sort of gift because whether your loved one wants something solely for style, solely for energy healing, or a combo of both - you're good to go. 

If your loved one enjoys wearing soft, feminine colors - options like Rose Quartz and Kunzite will offer loving energy. If your loved one enjoys minimal color - blacks like Black Tourmaline or Shungite offer protection from negative energy.


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Selenite may be the ultimate gift for a crystal-lover! That's because Selenite's cleansing properties helps clear away any old or negative energy from your loved one's other crystals.

Idea: they may want a bowl or plate if they have a collection of smaller crystals  - or a stand-alone piece of Selenite to keep by their larger statement crystals.

Smudge Sets

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We have multiple options of curated smudge sets to help clear the energy of any space and/or any crystal. In the shop, you'll find combinations of Palo Santo, Selenite, Sage, and Abalone shells. 

Learn more about cleansing and clearing in this blog post.

Book + Affirmation Decks

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In the self-care section of the shop, you can find a carefully chosen collection of books and affirmation card decks that encourage self-love and spiritual alignment. 

Combo gift idea: choose a book or deck alongside a stone that enhances meditation! Top choices include Amethyst, Spirit Quartz, and Herkimer Diamond Quartz.

Want even more ideas? Check out our 2022 Ultimate Crystal Gift Guide too!

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