Moss Agate

Moss Agate

The meaning of Moss Agate is all about connecting you to earth energies. So when you think about the healing properties of this crystal, think about a garden:abundant, lush, peaceful, positive, grounding, and vibrant. Think about new beginnings. Think about the nurturing energy of Mother earth of Mother Earth.

In other words, Moss Agate offers roots to ground you and growth to push you forward in confidence. Great for times when you're feeling exhausted or doubtful!

moss agate crystal

Healing Properties of Moss Agate

  • Peace: The earthiness of Moss Agate brings stability and grounding, which gives you a sense of harmony with the world around you and also within yourself.
  • Abundance: Moss Agate is a great crystal for attracting abundance - what do you want more of in your life? Financial stability? Friendships? Moss Agate can help that bloom.
  • Confidence: Revives your confidence to express yourself in the way that feels truest to you. Helps you let go of things long gone in order to embrace the sprouts of new beginnings. 
  • Optimism: If you find yourself stuck in a negative loop, Moss Agate can help you see the more positive truths around you - like a little pick-me-up. Helps you believe that even if things don't feel okay at this very moment, they will soon.
  • Manifesting: Moss Agate reminds you of all the incredible possibilities available to you. And then, once you’re reminded, Moss Agate comes in to amplify and energize your new intentions.

moss agate crystal

Ways To Use Moss Agate

You can (and should!) incorporate your Moss Agate crystal in whatever way your intuition suggests, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Manifesting Meditation: Sit outside in a place that makes you feel happy with a notepad and your Moss Agate. Write out some intentions. Could be for the next month or next year, or the next 10 years. Meditate on them.
  • Garden Greenery: Placing your Moss Agate by indoor plants can intensify the vibrant and lush garden vibe and bring peace into your home.
  • Birth Crystal: It shouldn’t be a big surprise that a stone so connected with Mother Earth is a stone connected with birth. Moss Agate is a crystal often used by midwives or doulas to set the right energy for delivering a baby.
  • Peaceful Power To-Go: Wearing Moss Agate jewelry helps you connect to that grounded confidence no matter where you are - work, a job interview, a date, or with your in-laws.
  • Combinations: Combine Moss Agate with Smokey Quartz for more grounding, or combine Moss Agate with Green Aventurine for more confidence - particularly with matters of the heart, both romantic passion and ambitious passion.
  • Chakra Work: Moss Agate is connected to the Root and Heart Chakras. You can place the crystal on any of these chakras to help unblock stagnant energy and bring balance.

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Moss Agate Meaning

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