Crystals for Protection

Crystals for Protection

Nobody goes through life completely untouched by negative people, negative situations, or negative feelings. But none of us need to be (or should be) constantly bogged down with negative energy. If you are wanting support in clearing the bad vibes to make way for positive, light, joyful, confident energy - here’s a guide to crystals for protection.

All the crystals below are great choices to keep close when you find yourself having to deal with toxic people, difficult family members, uncomfortable situations, or problematic working environments. 

Think of them as little shield.

7 Crystals for Protection

What makes crystals for protection protective?

First off, they clear and cleanse negative energy. Their energy acts like a boundary, keeping bad vibes away, as they clear out any current negativity and help you heal from past hurts.

Crystals for protection are also very helpful in supporting you through difficult emotions - anxiety, anger, hard thoughts, etc. They are one tool of many in helping you have strong mental and emotional well-being.

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll also see a theme of grounding. Protection and feeling safe go hand in hand. These crystals help bring you down to stable earth, and back into your body, so you can feel secure and confident.

1. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline crystals for protection

Let’s start with a strong stone of protection and cleansing. Not only does Black Tourmaline protect against negative energy, it really helps transform negativity into positivity. It also brings grounding, clarity, and balance into your life, so you can feel connected to your inner power and more easily trust your intuition. This makes Black Tourmaline a great choice for hard and/or transitional seasons of life.

2. Shungite

Shungite crystals for protection

Shungite helps clear negativity as well as painful or difficult emotions, so your mind, body, and soul feel cleansed and light. If you are having a hard time letting go of bad habits or less-than-ideal relationships, Shungite can ground you in your truth, so you can move beyond what's no longer meant for you with more ease. Shungite is known for activating all seven chakras of the body, leading to more balance.

3. Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Crystals for Protection

Black Obsidian is a super cleansing stone that can absorb negative energy from your environment as it shields you from any future bad vibes. It helps you release bad habits or feelings of fear and anger. If you are confused about a certain situation, it can shine a light on the path ahead. Keeps you feeling grounded in yourself and your truth, so you are more likely to trust your gut with confidence.

4. Black Onyx

Black Onyx Crystals for Protection

Black Onyx shares many similar qualities to Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline - highly protective, cleansing, and grounding. It’s also a great motivator as it invigorates your willpower - pushing you toward your best self and your best life. Black Onyx is wonderful for sharpening intuition and boosting spiritual connection as well. The combo makes this stone particularly helpful for those in a grieving period. 

5. Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz Crystals for Protection

Smokey Quartz tends to be very protective of its person - like a loyal dog that sits by its owner's side with a firm attitude of "I'm not going to make a scene, but don't think about testing me when it comes to my person." As an earthy, grounding crystal, Smokey Quartz makes your mind, body, and soul feel safer by bringing a sense of stability, so you can confidently overcome fear, stress, anger, depression, jealousy, and even irritability. As it clears negativity from your life, it also lifts your mood.

6. Malachite

Malachite Crystals for Protection

Malachite is an empowering stone that opens your heart up to love and adventure while offering heart protection along the way. Strengthens your energetic barrier to protect against outside influence, and encourages healthy vulnerability vs. over-sharing or over-guarding. Helps you as you heal from past traumas and enhances your intuition for making confident choices that honor your whole being. Malachite also absorbs negative energies and is believed to absorb pollutants and toxins.

7. Kyanite

Kyanite Crystals for Protection

Kyanite is a protective stone excellent for mental clarity, focus, and getting tuned into your most aligned self. It’s particularly strong with all things communication - encouraging more honest and open dialogue, as well as more ease with expressing yourself. This means Kyanite is a great option to have nearby when you are having hard conversations with difficult people. 

Where Do I Go From Here?

It's pretty simple - just choose the crystal you’re called to! For heightened protection, you can join a few of these crystals together. Always let your intuition lead. Which do you find the most beautiful? Which are you immediately drawn to? Which do you think about later that day?

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