Crystals for New Moms

Crystals for New Moms

This spring we welcomed our baby daughter Avalynn into this world and our lives. My experience as a new mom going through the postpartum phase has shed new light on the power of energy work throughout this unique time.

The energy running through you is completely different after giving birth, so much is going on and changing from moment to moment. Some crystals that normally work just can’t penetrate through, while others hit hard in a good way. 

Here is my list of top crystals for new moms.

These are great crystals to get for yourself when you are pregnant or postpartum. They're great to add to a baby shower present too, or to bring along when you deliver a dinner to a family with a newborn. 


crystals for new moms

Moonstone is the #1 crystal for new moms - it provides a strong feminine energy and is one of the top stones for "new beginnings"! It's all about balance, joy, and intuition. It helps with so many aspects of those early days - from stabilizing challenging hormonal mood shifts to breastfeeding. It offers a beautiful feminine strength and helps you adapt to changes by sharpening intuition and opening your mind. Leaves you feeling calmer. 

Botswana Agate/Chalcedony

crystals for new moms

Botswana Agate is one of the most calming crystals around, and it is essential for those long nights with a newborn and stressful days. It’s been so helpful to me personally. It's part of the larger Chalcedony family of crystals - and all of them are considered great for breastfeeding/for moms struggling with lactation. Pink Chalcedony is a particular favorite - it's rejuvenating and filled with love and joy.

Citrine + Ocean Jasper

crystals for new moms

Citrine is a top crystal chosen by energy healers for postpartum women. It helps with happiness and staying optimistic, so it's a great crystal to have around for any mama feeling those Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression.

Personally, I have felt that Ocean Jasper does an even better job at promoting joy and optimism. Citrine almost feels like trying too hard to achieve something unreasonable during this period with a newborn. Ocean Jasper feels gentler.  Citrine's motivational qualities might feel more ideal for 6mo+ moms or toddler moms!

Rose Quartz

crystals for new moms

Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal to help cultivate a true sense of self-love for new moms as well as building a connection between mom and baby. It can help open up the mom's heart to this new little life if she is experiencing any postpartum mental health issues (of course, this being only one of many tools for helping with mental wellness - therapy, medication, moms' groups, etc. being others).


crystals for new moms

Lepidolite is a great crystal for increasing feelings of personal power in new moms because it has this lovely feminine energy that marries strength and calm. During this challenging time, Lepidolite offers up support and clarity. It relieves worry and overwhelm while giving you courage to overcome struggles. Helps you see hard times through a lens of love. Promotes feelings of ease (and what new mom doesn't need more of that?!).

Clear Quartz

crystals for new mom

Clear Quartz brings new moms a sense of clarity, strength, and balance as it helps clear negative thoughts through the journey. It's a healing stone and postpartum is a healing time. I have been keeping a Clear Quartz tower on my night stand!

Apricot Agate

crystals for new moms

Apricot Agate is another nurturing crystal with loving, supportive energy for challenging times. It will encourage you to see your worth - the impact a mother has not only to her new baby but also to our world. Helps you let go of worries and feel a sense of balance and calm.

Pink Amethyst 

crystals for new moms

Pink Amethyst brings peace and general soothing to new moms. It's a crystal that's both powerful and gentle (just like a mama!); it fills your heart with love, amplifying loving and positive energy. Can help you gain the energy you need, but again, in a more gentle way.

Which crystal for new moms is right for me?

The best crystal for a new mom is ultimately the one you feel called to! Not sure what that is yet?

—Look through Bloom Crystals’ website to find what you like; you can browse by crystal, by color, or by form (towers, spheres, jewelry, etc.).

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crystals for new moms

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