Crystals for Manifesting

Crystals for Manifesting

A brand new year is here, and with it comes a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. What goals and dreams are you hoping to manifest this year? Love? Financial freedom? Your ideal job? A creative project? A dream house? Friendships? More time flexibility? A family?

No matter your hopes and intentions for the upcoming year, these crystals for manifesting are here to support you.

Crystals for Manifesting

When choosing the perfect manifestation crystals, these are the types of healing properties we're looking for. Things like ...

  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Success
  • Optimism
  • Positivity
  • Personal power
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Focus
  • Intuition

Below you will find 8 crystals for manifestation that you can surround yourself with to support and amplify your goals. To encourage you, remind you, and motivate you to make your dreams happen. And to fill you with positivity, joy, and love so the process feels easeful instead of draining.

1. Gold Rutile Quartz

crystals for manifesting

Think of our first crystal for manifesting - Gold Rutile Quartz - like a microphone for your hopes and dreams. It amplifies your intentions to your divine guidance. Since this is an important stone for intuition, Gold Rutile Quartz both helps you figure out exactly what's best for you ... and then helps you attract it.

2. Citrine

citrine for manifesting

Citrine is a happiness manifester, bringing beautiful freshness to your life. It shows you your true potential and power, so you can attract more abundance, prosperity, success, and joy. Use this stone to release negativity, fear, and self-doubt while improving motivation, enthusiasm, and creative abilities.

3. Pyrite

pyrite for manifesting

The bling speaks for itself ... Pyrite is widely known as the ultimate crystal for money and good luck, so it tops our list for manifesting wealth. It's also great for releasing negativity and any blocks in regard to fear, anger, and resentment. Boosts confidence in yourself too.

4. Bumblebee Jasper

bumblebee jasper for manifesting

Bumblebee Jasper gives you the courage you need to step out in faith and manifest your highest good. It promotes perseverance in your goals, and helps you truly believe that your dreams are possible as it removes mental and energetic blocks getting in your way.

5. Garden Quartz

garden quartz for manifesting

Garden Quartz is all about manifesting those #goals by encompassing the hopes and dreams of the owner. Its lush earth energy offers inspiration and helps make your wishes come true. Garden Quartz attracts the positive and filters out the negative.

6. Green Aventurine

green aventurine for manifesting

Green Aventurine is like a token of good luck that's particularly good at inspiring and amplifying creative abilities and ideas. Not only for artists and makers, but also for anyone needing creative ideas for business, love, etc. It attracts abundance and prosperity on the outside and encourages growth on the inside.

7. Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye crystals for manifesting

Tiger Eye essentially helps you help yourself. As though you are your own good luck charm. It boosts your confidence and your ability to focus on your goals over the noise of busy life. Bonus: Tiger eye is a protective stone that brings courage, strength, and personal power. 

8. Clear Quartz

clear quartz for manifesting

Clear Quartz amplifies energy and intentions. Whatever you want to manifest this year ... Clear Quartz can take all that focus, energy, and dedication you're pouring out and amplify it. Even more, it helps you feel organized in your mind, so you feel clear and aligned.

How To Use Crystals for Manifesting

  • Wear them: Crystal jewelry is a great way to take this energy of abundance and prosperity on-the-go.
  • Journal with them: Set them next to your journal as you write down your intentions.
  • Surround yourself: Place them around your house and even office space to engulf yourself with their positive energy.

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