Crystals for Healing

Crystals for Healing

When people search for crystals for healing, they often come from so many different starting places.

  • Some are looking for physical healing.
  • Some are looking for heartbreak healing.
  • Some are looking for spiritual healing.
  • Some are just so stuck or sad or angry that they simply want to feel better.

No matter what brings you to the quest for healing, these 7 crystals can offer support, calm, confidence, and clarity for your next steps.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystal for healing

Clear Quartz is the ultimate master healing stone for mind, body and soul. It will bring revitilization, happiness, balance, and restored health as it amplifies any intention you have - whether that be healing a broken heart or feeling physically stronger.


amethyst crystal for healing

Amethyst is a calming protector that heals by clearing all things negative while attracting all things positive. Often used for insomnia, headaches, depression and anxiety or to promote clarity and confidence.


Carnelian crystal for healing

Carnelian is the boldness you need to do whatever it takes to get well in your mind, body, or soul. It boosts your confidence and empowers you to advocate for yourself. Bonus: it's really great at boosting energy levels too!


malachite crystal for healing

Malachite is a protector that helps keep away any negative vibes. It opens you up to love as it increases your intuitive abilities, so you can move forward with a wise mind and open heart. Helps facilitate positive transformations and healing.


kammererite crystal for healing

Kammererite is a supporter, like a good friend who is there to remind you of your power and help you as you grow. A great crystal to keep nearby when healing demands change of any kind.

Botswana Agate

 botswana agate crystal for healing

Botswana Agate is the ultimate soother. You may not find a better crystal to bring such a sense of calm and peace. This allows you to feel better and clear your mind of anxiety, worry, and "what ifs." Helpful for sleep too!


lepidolite for healing

Lepidolite is a good stone for any challenging time. It offers an energy of support and strength. This means it relieves your feelings of overwhelm as it also boosts your courage to overcome whatever it is you're facing right now.

Which crystal for healing is right for me?

The best healing crystal for you is ultimately the one you feel called to! Not sure what that is yet?

—Look through Bloom Crystals’ website to find what you like; you can browse by crystal, by color, or by form (towers, spheres, jewelry, etc.).

—Follow Bloom Crystals’ Instagram for educational posts on types of crystals and ways to use them.

—Reach out with your questions! Always love chatting over DM.

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