Crystal Gift Guide For Her

Crystal Gift Guide For Her

Our second crystal gift guide this holiday season is all about HER - the special woman in your life. Your mom, your friend, your spouse, your daughter. This is what she wants under the tree this year!

Pink Amethyst

crystal gifts for her

The energy of Pink Amethyst is both gentle and powerful - a wonderful combo to match the women in your life. Small or large, it will:

  • Fill their hearts with love
  • Bring peace to their minds
  • Calm the soul/reduce anxiety
  • Amplify positive energy
  • Attract joy
  • Offer energy to move them toward dreams and passions

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Rose Quartz

crystal gift guide for her

Another wonderful crystal for any woman in your life is "the love stone" - Rose Quartz. It will:

  • Promote unconditional love, joy, and healing
  • Bring peace to their minds as well as those entering their space
  • Heal their hearts
  • Help mend relationships
  • Invigorate a sense of self-love and self-care

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Crystal Jewelry

crystal gift guide for her

Crystal Jewelry checks two boxes: they are gorgeous accessories that also provide crystal healing benefits. You can choose the crystal jewelry based off colors you think she would like or based off the energy healing you think she would benefit from.

Not sure where to start? Check out the blog for individual crystal deep dives and handy "Crystals for ...." lists!

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Statement Pieces

crystal gift guide for her

Statement crystals are larger crystals that can be beautifully displayed in the home (or office) - doubling as energy healing and home decor ... and they make a big impact in both areas!

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