When you think of Citrine, think of a bright light like sunshine. That deliciously warm feeling on your skin. Something that brings hope to a dark room, something that guides the way, something that attracts goodness and joy.

If you want more happiness in your life, you want Citrine. Read on to learn more about Citrine's healing properties and ways to use it.

citrine meaning

Healing Properties of Citrine

  • Happiness: Citrine is a true joy-bringer. It brightens up any mood or space it occupies. Helps release negativity and depression as it energizes you for what's ahead.
  • Abundance: Citrine is a stone to help you call in and create abundance - wealth, success, prosperity, fullness of life. It reminds you that you are worthy of the life you dream of.
  • Clarity: Citrine shines a light on your true potential and power. It helps bring a laser focus to whatever you're working toward. It boosts your confidence to move forward in power.
  • Creativity: If you're looking for a spark of inspiration ... or if you're hoping to release self-doubt ... Citrine is a great crystal to keep nearby while working on your latest creative project.

Citrine healing properties

Ways To Use Citrine

You can (and should!) incorporate your Citrine crystal in whatever way your intuition suggests, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Abundance Magnet: If you're wanting to attract more abundance into your life, place Citrine in your home, your office, or even your wallet.
  • Happiness-To-Go: If you're feeling down and looking for a little pick-me-up, wearing Citrine jewelry or tucking away a pocket stone can help infuse your day with more joy.
  • Combinations: Combine Citrine with Pyrite for wealth. Combine Citrine with Malachite for more creativity. Combine Citrine with Kunzite for increased feelings of joy.   
  • Chakra: Citrine is connected to the solar plexus chakra. You can place the crystal on this chakra to help unblock stagnant energy and bring balance.

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 Citrine meaning

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