Like many blue/green crystals that remind us of the sea, Amazonite is an example of energy that embodies fierce confidence and serene peace at the same exact time. Keeping it nearby tells us that we can be both each and every day. Courageous and calm. Powerful and peaceful.

Read on to learn more about the meaning of Amazonite and how to use Amazonite!

amazonite healing properties

Healing Properties of Amazonite

  • Intuition: Amazonite is the ultimate stone for hearing and trusting your inner truth. It strengthens your intuition, so you learn to notice your gut instincts. Use it to feel more aligned with your truest self and goals.
  • Personal Power: As a big confidence and courage booster, Amazonite allows you to take control of your destiny with the utmost self-esteem. It encourages clear and honest communication as well. You'll find yourself less afraid of judgment and more interested in what's best for you and your family.
  • Harmony: Amazonite is a peaceful stone that calms the soul and balances the emotions. It relieves fear and anxiety as it eases emotional trauma that may be blocking you from moving forward. Promotes feelings of love.

ways to use amazonite

Ways To Use Amazonite

You can (and should!) incorporate your Amazonite crystal in whatever way your intuition suggests, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Intuition Exercise: Set your Amazonite and a piece of paper on a table. Make a line down the middle of the paper. On one side, write "I am ...," and on the other side write "I want...". Don't filter yourself. Write down what comes to mind. I am smart. I am a baker. I am creative. I want more free time. I want a partner. I want a different job. etc. See what comes up!
  • Power-To-Go: If you are entering a situation where you are feeling small, disempowered, or afraid of conflict, bring an Amazonite bracelet or pocket stone with you to encourage feelings of courage and confidence.
  • Combinations: Combines Amazonite with Crystallized Flower Amethyst for more spiritual and intuitive connection. Combine Amazonite with Howlite for more calm.
  • Chakra: Amazonite is connected to the heart and throat chakras. You can place the crystal on these chakras to unblock stagnant energy and bring balance.

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