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Malachite Tumble

Malachite Tumble

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Med-XL tumbled malachite pockets stones

These tumbles are high quality malachite with beautiful greens and patterning. 

Empower yourself and protect against negative vibrations. Use this stone to open up to love, enhance your intuition, boost creativity and transform your life. Malachite clears and cleanses your aura while helping you understand what’s blocking your growth, facilitating positive transformation, healing and abundance. It encourages you to approach life with unconditional love and balance while intensely going after your dreams. This stone is also great for females, remedying menstrual pains and helping heal traumatic past experiences.

• Crystal has been charged under the Full Moon and Cleansed with soothing intensions.

• High quality, consciously hand selected from ethical source.

You are purchasing one piece of tumbled malachite in your choice of three sizes.

M - 1.5-1.75", weigh less than 40g
L - 1.75"-2", weigh less than 40g
XL - over 1.75", weigh 40-50g+

 *Color appearance may vary by piece and screen resolution.*



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