Malachite is the protector and encourager of your heart! ♡ Its vibe is all about empowering yourself and protecting against negative vibrations - all while keeping your heart open to love and new experiences!

Read on to learn all about Malachite's meaning and ways to use it!

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Healing Properties of Malachite

  • Protection: Malachite helps protect you against negative or toxic vibrations. It absorbs the negative energy around you, so you can be surrounded by more positivity in environments that may otherwise feel difficult or problematic.
  • Healing: Malachite cleanses your aura while helping you understand what’s blocking your growth. Use this stone to heal from traumatic past experiences and open up to love if your heart has been broken. Also great for females - it remedies menstrual pains!
  • Power: This powerful green stone encourages you to approach life with unconditional love and balance while intensely going after your dreams. This includes feeling more empowered to have difficult conversations you've been putting off. It will enhance your intuition and help you transform your life in the best ways.
  • Creativity: Malachite encourages the flow of creative inspiration. You'll feel more empowered to take big creative leaps outside of your comfort zone.

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Ways To Use Malachite

You can (and should!) incorporate your Malachite crystal in whatever way your intuition suggests, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Heart-Healing Meditation: If you feel your heart is closed off or still wounded by a past experience, use Malachite to bring healing and hope through a simple meditation. Sit down somewhere comfortable and safe with your Malachite stone. Close your eyes and repeat this affirmation pattern: "I am love. I am healing. I am open."
  • Protection-To-Go: If you're about to go somewhere that you're anticipating will be filled with negative energy, bring Malachite jewelry or a palm/pocket stone with you.
  • Combinations: Combine Malachite with Rose Quartz for increased feelings of love. Combine Malachite with Black Tourmaline when you're seeking more protection against negativity.
  • Chakra: Malachite is connected to the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Third Eye chakras. You can place the crystal on any of these chakras to help unblock stagnant energy and bring balance.

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