Crystals for Sleep

Crystals for Sleep

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep. Many times the culprit of bad sleep is stress - overthinking and worrying ourselves out of the rest our bodies and minds need.

The truth is we can't control most of the stressful life events keeping us awake, but we can utilize different tools to find calmness in the midst of it all.

Crystals can be one of those helpful tools.

Below you will find 8 Crystals for Sleep - all of them are soothing. Their healing properties will help create the mental and energetic calm that you need in order to drift off to sleep more easily.


howlite crystals for insomnia

Howlite is perhaps the ultimate crystal for sleep. Its incredibly calming energy has a balancing affect that helps sooth an overactive mind. If your neverending anxious thoughts or to-do list keep you from drifting off, use Howlite to relieve stress. 


crystals for insomnia

Phosphosiderite is a soothing and relaxing stone. It helps calm your soul - all that deep stuff that's troubling you - so you can more easily fall asleep and stay asleep. It gives off a real nurturing vibe, and it's one I personally use to help with insomnia!

Botswana Agate

crystals for sleep

Botswana Agate is another incredibly calming crystal that fills your mind and body with an immense sense of peace no matter what's happening around you. It relieves anxiety so you can feel clearer in your mind - making it a good choice if nighttime turns your thoughts more toward the irrational or fearful.


scolecite crystals for sleep

Scolecite is another calming crystal that encourages you to let go any old trauma stories or current anxious worries that you are carrying around with you. It reminds you what you're capable of achieving what you desire in an easeful and peaceful way.


carnelian crystals for confidence

When you think of fiery Carnelian, you probably think of confidence, empowerment, motivation, go, go, go ... but maybe not sleep. Yet this is a balanced crystal. The confidence is not only about "doing," but also "being." It allows you to rest in who you are and what is going on on your life. 


amethyst crystals for sleep

Amethyst is a spiritual stone that clears the negativity of the space its in while attracting positivity - making it a great crystal to keep by your bedside. It's also very calming and healing.


lepidolite crystals for sleep

Lepidolite is another crystal for sleep that I use personally when I'm struggling with insomnia! It's particularly helpful for those who are going through a challenging time. This stone provides support and strength, relieves worry and overwhelming feelings, and balances your emotions.


aquamarine crystals for sleep

Aquamarine is an especially helpful crystal for sensitive people who feel easily overwhelmed with feelings, or even sounds and experiences. It helps you clear your mind, filter your thoughts, and let go of mental blocks.This clarity then calms your nerves. Think of it like gently floating in a still pool of water. 

Which crystal for sleep is right for me?

The best sleep crystal for you is ultimately the one you feel called to! Not sure what that is yet?

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crystals for sleep


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