Crystals for Gratitude

Crystals for Gratitude

We talk a lot around here about manifesting our goals and dreams, attracting abundance and success, and cultivating more love and goodness in our lives. 

It is just as important to practice gratitude for what already is. For the love and abundance we already have. For the mountains we’ve already climbed, and the lessons we’ve already received. 

“Practicing gratitude is how we acknowledge that there’s enough and that we’re enough.” —Brené Brown

Gratitude isn't a personality trait you either have or don't have - gratitude is a practice. It's easy to get out of the habit of acknowledging and appreciating all we've been given. These 10 crystals for gratitude are perfect for growing a spirit of thankfulness and supporting any gratitude practice. 

Crystals for Gratitude

What you'll find below are crystals with healing properties that amplify feelings of positivity, peace, healing, and love. They highlight the abundance already in your life and leave you with a sense of optimism.

1. Rose Quartz

rose quartz gratitude crystal

The “love stone” is the perfect place to start our gratitude crystal list. Rose Quartz promotes unconditional love and joy in all areas of your life. It also brings peace - first to yourself but also to anyone nearby, making it a great crystal for raising the vibrations of couples or families.

2. Citrine 

citrine gratitude crystal

Citrine can brighten your life and outlook in so many ways. First off, it’s a major joy-bringer and energizer. Citrine helps you see the beautiful potential and power in your current life. Increases love and happiness and releases negativity, fear, and self-doubt.

3. Flower Agate

flower agate crystal for gratitude

Flower Agate is a grounding crystal that brings an immense sense of peace - the type of peace that allows you to trust and surrender to the universal forces working for your well-being. It helps you clear your mind and energy of unhelpful thought patterns and calms your soul

4. Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper

When you think of Ocean Jasper, think of the way standing by the ocean makes you feel. Ocean Jasper is all about joy, optimism, and healing. It washes away any negativity and leaves you feeling energetic and hopeful about what’s to come.

5. Apricot Agate

apricot agate gratitude crystal

Apricot Agate is a great gratitude crystal, especially when you’re going through challenging times and want to shift your perspective. It has a loving, supportive energy that encourages you to let go of worries and feel a sense of balance and calm. Very nurturing.

6. Ruby Fuchsite Kyanite

ruby fuchsite kyanite gratitude crystal

This crystal is actually a combination of three powerful crystals working together to encourage a sense of joy, ease, and alignment. Ruby Fuchsite Kyanite removes blocks to loving energy, converts negative energy into positive energy, and intensifies the passion of your life. 

7. Garden Quartz 

garden quartz for gratitude

Garden Quartz really embodies the power of nature. Not only does that make it an amazing choice for attracting abundance, but it can also help you tune into the abundance already around you. It filters out pessimism and past hurts while helping you attract positivity and make your dreams come true.

8. Amethyst

amethyst gratitude crystal

Amethyst is a positive-vibrating spiritual stone that clears negativity and attracts confidence and hope. It’s protective, healing, and calming. Amethyst is a particularly good choice if you want to have a gratitude meditation practice - as it heightens intuition and connects you to the divine.

9. Pink Amethyst 

pink amethyst for gratitude

Pink Amethyst is a gentle, yet powerful source of love and peace. While it calms you from anxiety or fear, it radiates a positive and joyful energy. If you've been feeling stuck in a rut of gloominess or cynicism, Pink Amethyst helps to reenergize your passions and dreams.

10. Clear Quartz 

clear quartz for gratitude

Clear Quartz is an incredible amplifier. Whatever your intention is, Clear Quartz helps support you, remind you, and energize you to make that happen. So if you’re looking to practice gratitude, notice your blessings, and focus on the positive - Clear Quartz will amplify that intention.

4 Ways To Use Your Gratitude Crystals In A Gratitude Practice

1. Dinner Table Thankfulness: Place a gratitude crystal in the center of your dining table during mealtime. Have everyone share something they are grateful for - big or small.

2. Gratitude Meditation: Set a timer for 10 minutes and hold a gratitude crystal or place it in front of you. Close your eyes and let your mind run through all of the things that bring you joy in your life right now. From a special person to the warm sunshine.

3. Gratitude Journal: Make a commitment to writing down three things you are grateful for each morning before doing anything else. Keep a gratitude crystal on your nightstand as a reminder.

4. Appreciation Texts: For a week, send a random, thoughtful text message of appreciation to anybody in your life who you feel thankful for. Spread all that positive energy around!

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