Crystals for Energy

Crystals for Energy

If you're feeling stuck ... if you're feeling burnt out ...  if you just aren't motivated ... we have the list of ultimate crystals for energy just for you. These 10 crystals have energy that rejuvenates, motivates, and brings courage and personal power into your life.

Perfect for those ready to climb out of a rut, chase their dreams, make some empowering changes ( ... or even just scroll through TikTok less!).

1. Rainbow Fluorite 

rainbow fluorite for energy

Rainbow Fluorite is all about rejuvenation. It's perfect for times you feel burnt out or overwhelmed. It's a powerful crystal that clears negative energy, enhances mental clarity, and aligns you with your best self and goals.

2. Citrine

citrine for energy

Citrine is the joy-bringer. Its bright vibrations bring happiness, enthusiasm, and personal power, so you can clearly see your true potential and creative abilities. As it reinvigorates you, it also boosts your confidence, attracts abundance, and releases self-doubt.

3. Ocean Jasper

ocean jasper crystal for energy

Ocean Jasper is the spirit-lifter. It clears negative feelings as it brings a sense of energetic joy. It's a very encouraging stone that helps you see your life and current situation more optimistically, so you can feel both healed and inspired.

4. Labradorite 

labradorite crystals for energy

Labradorite is a stone of strength. It increases your will, intuition, and energy. It's a great crystal to boost confidence in yourself as you make any changes you need to make in order to achieve your dreams.

5. Tiger Eye

tiger eye for energy

Tiger Eye brings is a courage-encourager! This protective stone brings strength, wisdom, and power, so you can gain focus and motivation to chase hard after your goals. It eases depression, offers positive energy, and attracts prosperity. 

6. Blue Apatite

blue apatite crystal for energy

Blue Apatite is a spiritual stone that clears away confusion. It brings clarity, motivation, and inspiration as it enhances feelings of personal power, so you can feel confident in your own wise mind and personal goals.

7. Lemon Calcite

lemon calcite for energy

Lemon Calcite is all about awareness. It helps you become more aware of your self-worth, your intuition, and what you need to really focus on, so you can move forward with confidence as you manifest your dreams. 

8. Carnelian

carnelian crystal for energy

Carnelian is bold, bold, boldness. Its energy promotes self-confidence, motivation, and creativity. It encourages you to feel empowered as you take action in whatever area of your life needs bold attention and energy.

9. Mookaite Jasper

mookaite jasper for energy

Mookaite Japser is the nurturing crystal for energy. Instead of a big push or wake-up call, this stone will offer support and peace during stressful times, so you feel rejuvenated and whole. It will help you focus your thoughts and make decisions.

10. Red Jasper

red jasper crystal for energy

Red Jasper is a stone of action. It breathes vitality, strength, and buzzing energy into your life. If you're having any trouble following through with intentions you've set for yourself, this is a good crystal to have nearby.

Which crystal for energy is right for me?

The best rejuvenating crystal for you is ultimately the one you feel called to! Not sure what that is yet?

—Look through Bloom Crystals’ website to find what you like; you can browse by crystal, by color, or by form (towers, spheres, jewelry, etc.).

—Follow Bloom Crystals’ Instagram for educational posts on types of crystals and ways to use them.

—Reach out with your questions! Always love chatting over DM.

crystals for energy

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