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Crystals for Confidence

Crystals for Confidence

You - yes, you! - are a very special, uniquely gifted, extremely worthy person, and I hope you're owning that today.

I also know that it's hard to feel confident all the time. If you need an extra boost of believing in yourself and your dreams, here are 9 crystals with energy that remind you that you got this!

Desert Rose Selenite

desert rose selenite for confidence

Desert Rose Selenite may be the queen of all confidence crystals! If you're struggling with low self-worth, if you don't know if you can trust your gut, if you're feeling insecure or stuck ... Desert Rose Selenite is for you. It enhances intuition, awareness, and insight ... and leaves you feeling confident and prosperous.


 Amazonite for confidence

Amazonite helps you take control of your destiny with confidence. By calming your soul, balancing your emotions, and increasing feelings of personal power, you can step out in full faith that you are ready for whatever is waiting for you!


 brucite for confidence

Brucite helps you bring out the most ambitious and confident version of yourself. It encourages you to take back your power and gain the strength you need to fully believe in yourself and whatever next steps you need to take. Brucite is all about that high self-esteem!

Tiger Eye

tiger eye for confidence

Tiger Eye is going to ground you and protect you, so you have the strength and power to concentrate on your goals with confidence. It boosts wisdom, courage, strength, focus, positive energy, and prosperity. If you need motivation, Tiger Eye is for you.


 Carnelian for confidence

Carnelian is bold just like its color ... and boldness and confidence are like sisters. If you've been struggling to make the moves and take action, this fiery stone will increase your energy, creativity, and motivation. It's all about empowerment.

Moss Agate

 moss agate crystal for confidence

Moss Agate is radiates a peaceful confidence. It connects you to earth energies, so you'll feel the flow of possibility and prosperity as it gently revives your confidence. Helps you attract abundance and opportunity, and refreshes you if you're feeling exhausted.


labradorite crystal for confidence 

Labradorite is a stone of strength, energy, and power. Not only is it a great option for boosting confidence in general, but it's also especially good for those who are seeking confidence about a big change like a new job, a new move, a new love, or a new baby. It will help you trust yourself.

Lemon Calcite

 lemon calcite for confidence

Lemon Calcite encourages you to tap into your personal power, so you can see your self worth. With it around, you're more likely to trust your intuition and feel capable of manifesting the life you've always wanted. Great for meditating on next steps or even areas you need to improve to be your best self.


sodalite crystal for confidence 

Our final crystal for confidence soothes just as much as it encourages. Sodalite strengthens both self-esteem and self-awareness. What makes it so great for building confidence is its ability to help you make steps rooted in logical wisdom. You can feel confident in your decision-making abilities!


Which crystal for confidence is right for me?

The best confidence crystal for you is ultimately the one you feel called to! Not sure what that is yet?

—Look through Bloom Crystals’ website to find what you like; you can browse by crystal, by color, or by form (towers, spheres, jewelry, etc.).

—Follow Bloom Crystals’ Instagram for educational posts on types of crystals and ways to use them.

—Reach out with your questions! Always love chatting over DM

crystals for confidence

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