crystals for beginners

Crystals for Beginners

New to the world of crystals? Welcome! Whether you’re looking for some inner-healing or something beautiful to sit on a shelf (or both!), you have come to the right place. 

The truth is there are so many types of crystals, and they come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. It can feel daunting to figure out where to start. Consider this blog your guide to simplifying the whole thing. We’ll dive into the basics: What are crystals? How do they work? And how do I even begin to choose one?

What Are Crystals Made Of?

Crystals are a solid form of minerals made up of patterned atoms that follow a “crystalline” structure. This structured pattern is what sets a crystal apart from a rock.

While many crystal names may be completely unfamiliar to you, their components are likely recognizable. Quartz, for example, is made from silica. And the Feldspar “family” of crystals (sunstone, moonstone, or amazonite) are a mix of sodium, calcium, or potassium.

What Are Crystals Used For?

People use crystals for many different reasons. The “why” behind collecting crystals is unique to each person. 

  • Some people use crystals for energy healing—mental, emotional, and even physical well-being, self-care rituals, motivation, grounding, etc.
  • Some people use crystals for decorative purposes—house decor or jewelry (they are oh-so pretty, after all)
  • Some people use crystals for scientific interest—to study and to admire
  • Some people just enjoy collecting crystals—different crystals can be more rare than others, making them considered "collectibles" to some collectors. 

What Do Crystals Do?

When most people talk about what crystals “do,” they are referring to the idea that crystals provide energy healing and alignment. This concept isn’t new. Historical records show ancient cultures (Sumerians, Egyptians, Chinese, etc.) used crystals in their holistic practices thousands of years ago.

But how does all of that work?

It boils down to energy. Science shows us that everything is energy—from you to your dog to your computer to, yes, that lovely pink amethyst on your desk. And all that energy is interconnected.

Energy is why you know somebody is behind you even though you didn’t hear them, see them, or feel their touch. It’s why you can walk in the door and, before even seeing your partner’s face, know something is wrong. 

How does this relate to crystals? Those molecule patterns create certain vibrational energy that interacts with your own vibrational energy in positive, uplifting, empowering, and even protective ways.

And if absolutely none of that resonates with you, at the very least, crystals represent intention. Like a hand-written mantra taped on your bathroom mirror. Like your mother’s necklace that reminds you that you are worthy of love. Crystals can remind you of the intentions you set—“Yes, I do want to spend more time caring for myself.” “No, I won’t accept less money than my services are worth.” 

7 Crystals For Beginners

The best crystal for a beginner is the crystal you feel called to. There isn’t a right choice or a wrong choice when you start collecting. That said, it can be overwhelming to choose just one in a sea of so many beautiful, healing options. 

We’ve boiled down all those options to seven solid choices. These crystals for beginners are popular because they are 1). Well … very pretty! 2). Cover a variety of mental and emotional healing benefits. We’ll touch on each crystal’s meaning and healing properties too.

But remember: don’t ignore intuition. Maybe Amethyst reminds you of your grandma and that gives you the courage to try new things. That’s beautiful too, and a completely valid reason to keep that crystal close to you.

Now, without further ado, 7 crystals for beginners …

1. When you’re looking for LOVE: Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystals for beginners

They call it “the love stone” for a reason. Rose Quartz is a popular crystal for beginners because it promotes unconditional love for self and others. Used for healing a broken heart, opening back up to love again, mending relationships, enhancing self-care rituals, and increasing joy. Here’s what’s cool about Rose Quartz: it’s powerful, absolutely, but powerful in a gentle way—kind of like love.

2. When you're looking for HEALING: Clear Quartz

clear quartz for beginners

For all types of healing—mind, body, and soul—look to Clear Quartz. It helps you gain clarity (“THIS is my next step.”) and then amplifies the energy of the intentions it’s placed with (“THIS is how I’m achieving that goal each day.”). So, if you want to find more calm, it will amplify calm. If you want to tap into your inner fire, it will amplify your passion and drive. Clear Quartz is great for general happiness too.

3. When you’re looking for GROUNDING: Smokey Quartz

smokey quartz crystals for beginners

Difficult emotions like fear, stress, anger, depression, and jealousy can leave us feeling ungrounded or untethered—out of control in our own lives. Smokey Quartz can help clear the negativity and bring more stability into your life. Great for centering you and bringing you back to yourself. Its earthy color can remind you that your feet are firmly on the ground. You are here right now, and everything is okay.

4. When you’re looking for CALM: Amethyst

amethyst crystals for beginners

Amethyst is like a deep breath. It can calm you, cleanse you, help you tap into your intuition, heal the difficult emotions you’re carrying, and give you the confidence to move forward. It’s considered a highly spiritual stone, so it’s not surprising that Amethyst is commonly used in meditation. Not sure where to start? Hold it in your palm, take a deep breath, and repeat this affirmation: “I deserve a life of peace and ease.”

5. When you’re looking for ABUNDANCE: Citrine 

citrine crystals for beginners

Citrine is a bright crystal that brings all of the things you need for an abundant life. Energy, clarity, inner-power, boosted confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm. Abundance here can mean monetary abundance, but that’s only one part of the picture. Think of holistic abundance—feeling as though you have plenty of all the good things life offers. Connection, joy, good food, fulfillment in work, etc.

6. When you’re looking for PROTECTION: Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline crystals for beginners

Black Tourmaline is all about protecting your energy and wellbeing. Not only can this crystal guard against negativity by clearing and cleansing energy, but it can also help you transform the negative into something positive. Maybe you'll see the situation in a different light, or maybe you will find the creativity or courage you need to change the situation. Black Tourmaline is great for grounding too.

7. When you’re looking for CLEANSING: Selenite

selenite crystals for beginners

Selenite is good for a fresh start. It’s used to raise your vibration, bring peace and abundance, quickly unblock energy, and remove negativity. It can also cleanse and charge your other crystals, ensuring their energy is aligned with your own. The process is simple—just set the crystal you want to be cleansed on or near the selenite for 24 hours.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Choose the crystal you’re called to! Not sure what that is yet?

—Look through Bloom Crystals’ website to find what you like; you can browse by crystal, by color, by form (towers, spheres, jewelry, etc.), and soon you can browse by "vibe"!

—Follow Bloom Crystals’ Instagram for educational posts on types of crystals and ways to use them.

—Reach out with your questions! Always love chatting over DM.

crystals for beginners

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