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Crystals For Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety. We all deal with it - some of us more than others - but it’s a universal experience to have moments of stress, panic, or worry. And when the weight of those emotions feels heavy, there is, fortunately, a wide array of anxiety support available. From medications and therapy to yoga and meditation. 

The healing properties of crystals can be beautiful supportive energy as well - whether you’re dealing with a little momentary life stressor or you’re in a very difficult season of life.

7 Crystals for Anxiety

When we’re looking for crystals that help anxiety, we’re looking for crystals that are:









The truth is many crystals fall into these categories. In the spirit of ease, we’ve curated 7 of the most potent crystals for anxiety. These are the go-to options I would offer anybody who is reaching out saying they need a helping hand with stress or worry.

1. Howlite

howlite crystals for anxiety

Howlite is perhaps the ultimate stone of calm (it always makes me want to nap!). An incredibly helpful feature of Howlite is its ability to provide calm and balance for anybody who is dealing with an overactive mind. Also, a wonderful stone for patience, slowing down your thoughts, and turning down critical self-talk. If you feel like you’re floundering, Howlite also encourages a sense of purpose and focus as it provides motivation to achieve your goals.

2. Botswana Agate

botswana agate crystals for anxiety

Botswana Agate is a calming, grounding, and soothing crystal. It relieves tension and helps clear your mind, so you can relieve anxiety and/or get some good sleep. On a personal note: when I’m experiencing anxiety, I’m always drawn to Botswana Agate. I find instant relief - you can hold it and just feel a blanket of calm wash over you. It’s one of the softest energies I’ve ever felt. Maybe even something like a mother’s love: so gentle in its unwavering support.

3. Blue Calcite

blue calcite crystals for anxiety

Blue Calcite is a wonderful calming crystal in general, but it is especially great for calming your nerves so you can communicate more clearly. Another helpful benefit is its ability to release any negative emotions—Blue Calcite absorbs emotional energy, purifies it, and returns positive energy to you. This soothes your emotions, as though it calmed the choppy waters of your mind. Perfect when you need something to help you take slower, deeper breaths and to remind you that you only have to take one step at a time.

4. Scolecite

scolecite crystals for anxiety

Scolecite is as inspiring as it is soothing, encouraging you to be your best self with ease. If you are struggling to let go of old trauma or current-day anxieties, Scolecite will help you release and surrender. When your anxious mind is making you feel unworthy or incapable, Scolecite’s peaceful energy will remind you of the truth of who you are: worthy and capable!

5. Blue Celestite 

blue celestite crystals for anxiety

Blue Celestite can both calm your mind and uplift your energy. Great for settling nerves, enhancing mood, and tapping into your intuition. Its ability to help you connect with the divine is an important aspect for anxiety since in stress, we often feel disconnected from the deeper, more meaningful aspects of life.

6. Amethyst

amethyst crystals for anxiety

Amethyst has been the anxiety go-to in the crystal community for years. It’s a very positive stone that helps clear negativity—making it excellent for moments of stress, insomnia, and even headaches. Not only is it calming, but it’s also a great confidence booster. If you’re having difficulty settling into meditation because your mind is overactive or you are experiencing negative emotions, amethyst can help.

7. Aquamarine 

aquamarine crystals for anxiety

Aquamarine is a courageous stone—giving you the strength, clarity, and confidence you need to work through whatever tough thing you are dealing with. It soothes stress and anxiety by clearing your mind, filtering your thoughts, helping you let go of mental blocks, and letting you see your truth. Aquamarine is especially helpful for those who are highly sensitive.

Which Crystal for Anxiety Should I Choose?

All seven of these crystals for anxiety will help you if you are stressed. There isn’t a bad choice in the bunch. This means the best way to pick the right one for you is to choose the one you’re called to. Maybe you have an inkling that one is right for you; maybe you just think one is especially pretty. 

Let your intuition guide you.

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crystals for anxiety

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